PhoneCo Inc.

Structured Cabling

Our dedicated PhoneCo cabling team is certified for PANDUIT, Leviton, Siemon and Hubble AVAYA, HUBBLE. If you need a data or telephone network designed and installed, we can do it all for you. PhoneCo can install Certified System solutions with full certification and 25-year system warranty. Our dedicated and experienced cabling technicians are fully trained and qualified to install both data and telephone cabling. We can install fibre-optic cable, CAT 6, CAT5 and 5e, and CAT 3 cable from a variety of manufacturers.

Upon request, we will provide documented testing results for each data cable installation to ensure a manufacturer’s certified solution. Copies of cable test results can be provided in hard copy, on disk, by e-mail or by a combination of all these methods.