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IP Communication Platform

Businesses need to be able to effectively communicate today – yet want to make sure that they are properly equipped to handle the growing demands of their future communication needs. Convergence ready, highly modular, and empowered with the latest SIP technology, the new KX-TDE IP PBX are an ideal communication platform for customers to solve all their business telephony needs today, as well as in the future as they embrace full IP telephony.

The new KX-TDE IP PBX are packed with features and applications that can enhance your business productivity and have a direct impact on your business communication bottom line.

Feature highlights

  • Full IP Compatibility Low cost flexible analog, digital and/or IP system construction. Compatible with existing infrastructure the TDE is ideal for offices that want a phased migration to an IP system.
  • Easy Set Up and Maintenance The TDE uses the same PC programming software operation that is used in the TDA series and supports multi-site programming. It is able to manage up to 100 TDEs on the network by PC operation.
  • Free Software Upgrades Aside from a labour component, PBX software is free-of-charge from Panasonic.
  • Cellular Integration Using PRI lines and an optional software license anyone on the PBX can have their cellular phone ring along with their office telephone.
  • Built-in DISA/OGM ports The TDE PBX has 2 ports of messaging that can be used to offer callers an Automated Attendant greetings as well as simple mailbox functionality for after-hours operations. Additional ports can be added with optional hardware.
  • Free-of-Charge Apps Conference Bridge, Basic Voicemail, Communication Assistant Basic, Call Centre and Hospitality Front Desk operations are all license free.
  • Enhanced Walking Extension (Hot Desking) It is possible to use any extension, and to have your extension setting available whenever you want it. This is a very useful feature when you move locations or there is no specific desk for you to use.
  • Designed for a medium to large business up to 256 users